Chaotic Behaviour / Composer Social

2nd April 2022 – YEOVIL

An afternoon of live music / talks / presentations and networking …

All the acts played live in the store during the relaxing of Covid restrictions during 2021.

We have also produced a limited (23 copies) lathe cut vinyl release of live edits from each of these sessions. These will be available for sale in-store on the day. As will other merch from the bands.

Check out the acts, support them by buying product:

Spaceship –
Avail Yourself (Matthew J Saunders) –
Luminous Foundation –…/luminous-foundation…

The Matthew Machine & Avail Yourself

23rd December 2021 – YEOVIL

Late night shopping entertainment continues at EPS.

The Matthew Machine is an analogue modular synthesiser system which composes and performs music in the moment, to whoever happens to be around and to whoever will listen. It’s based around two oscillator voices (plus a third noise source) driven by a dual Krell patch involving four cycling envelopes with end of fall and end of rise triggers. In combination with a number of random voltage generators, the envelopes determine new note pitches, durations and probabilities that a note will sound. The music never repeats. It’s self-generative and there are always “moments”. It’s pretty much wild electricity as music. It will certainly do nice things to your brainwaves.Today’s performance is called “auto-autumnal generative sound wave bath” and is 55’05” long.

This will be followed by a performance of taut, tense and fuzzy ambient music by Matthew J Saunders under the moniker,“Avail Yourself”. An album is to follow shortly.

Matthew J Saunders is a Birmingham native who absent-mindedly sine-wave-surfed his way to the West Country in 2001 and never got back. He records and performs as the Twilight Sequence, Assembled Minds, Rapid Eye Electronics Ltd. (with fellow West Country brown acid wizards Farmer Glitch and IX Tab), Avail Yourself and Magnétophone.

He’s released records on 4AD and many other labels and has a 7”, 12” and an LP coming out on Castles in Space in 2022 (as Twilight Sequence). He’s worked with Peter Kember, Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, King Creosote, The Earlies and James Yorkston, and recorded sessions for Radio 1 for John Peel, Rob Da Bank, Radio 3’s Mixing It and XFM.

You’ll find some music here:

Angels and Demons at Play

9th December 2021 – YEOVIL

A festive bemusement in which Tim Hill conjures rich and strange soundscapes out of fragments of Christmas carols and songs.

He will be playing baritone saxophone and toys through a world of effects and loops. Christmas drones, dreams and deleriums.


9th October 2021 – YEOVIL

Conjuring rich slices of Somerset Gothic out of an array of sound sources, Swine are, this afternoon, Michael Fairfax and Tim Hill.

Their sound is based around Michael Fairfax’s sound sculptures, hewn from the woods around his home in West Somerset, a family of elemental stringed instruments. Improviser/composer/folk musician Tim Hill adds baritone sax, electronics and toys.

Together they create an organic, improvised sound world of tides, swirls, swamps and geologies of noise.

Expect a a unique sonic delirium.…/then-around-my-shed…

Ubiquitous Meh!

11th September 2021 – YEOVIL

Live in concert. Organ-led wonky pop and post-punk trio, Ubiquitous Meh!

Hailing from Plymouth, Ubiquitous Meh! started in 2018 as an outlet for Luke Richards’ 4-track tape releases before becoming a band in late 2019.

The band put out a 12-minute mini-album on Buried Treasure in 2020 and finished their follow-up to this in early 2021.

Their new album, Songs Wrought Wrong, is available here


The Twelve Hour Foundation

28th August 2021 – YEOVIL

Comprising Polly Hulse (Yamaha CS-10, flute, vocals, field recordings) and Jez Butler (Moog Rogue, Kork Volca Keys, concrète sequences), the Bristol-based duo mixes elements of musique concrète, 1970s library music, early electronic pop, and the Radiophonic work of John Baker and Paddy Kingsland.

The majority of their tracks are built using a pair of 40-year-old synthesizers, mixed with treated field recordings and sounds created from samples of household objects: plastic tubing, bottles, corks, a wire draining rack, electrical appliances and the human body.

Having created jingles for Project Moonbase and Glasgow’s pop-up art station Radiophrenia, The Twelve Hour Foundation released EPs Macaroni Cheese, and Shapes, Sounds etc. in 2015 and 2017 respectively.  A track – Hundreds Tens and Units – was also featured on Radiophonic Workshop-inspired collaboration The Delaware Road. The group’s first output for Castles in Space was released in May 2018.  Bunch of Fives – a limited edition lathe-cut single sold out within minutes.

Live shows have included Supernormal Festival 2015, The Delaware Road (Reading) slots with Go Kart Mozart, Happy Meals, The Space Lady, Leafcutter John and many more.

Live recording – EPS, Yeovil, 28th August 2021.