The Twelve Hour Foundation

28th August 2021 – YEOVIL

Comprising Polly Hulse (Yamaha CS-10, flute, vocals, field recordings) and Jez Butler (Moog Rogue, Kork Volca Keys, concrète sequences), the Bristol-based duo mixes elements of musique concrète, 1970s library music, early electronic pop, and the Radiophonic work of John Baker and Paddy Kingsland.

The majority of their tracks are built using a pair of 40-year-old synthesizers, mixed with treated field recordings and sounds created from samples of household objects: plastic tubing, bottles, corks, a wire draining rack, electrical appliances and the human body.

Having created jingles for Project Moonbase and Glasgow’s pop-up art station Radiophrenia, The Twelve Hour Foundation released EPs Macaroni Cheese, and Shapes, Sounds etc. in 2015 and 2017 respectively.  A track – Hundreds Tens and Units – was also featured on Radiophonic Workshop-inspired collaboration The Delaware Road. The group’s first output for Castles in Space was released in May 2018.  Bunch of Fives – a limited edition lathe-cut single sold out within minutes.

Live shows have included Supernormal Festival 2015, The Delaware Road (Reading) slots with Go Kart Mozart, Happy Meals, The Space Lady, Leafcutter John and many more.

Live recording – EPS, Yeovil, 28th August 2021.

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